Thursday, August 20, 2015

changing ILO settings from OS using hponcfg

hponcfg is quite useful tool if you're going to automate changing ILO settings on multiple machines.
It works the same way on various versions of ILO.

To get the current settings into file:

hponcfg -w current.xml 

Note: I've noticed that it won't drop the "whole" config but only the most important things (i.e. secondary and tertiary dns server won't be included even if it's defined).

To set some new settings described in the xml file:

hponcfg -f update.xml

Note: you don't need to put whole config, you can change one parameter if needed.

If you're lucky and ILO driver works properly you should see something like this:

hponcfg -w current.xml
HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility
Version 4.0.1 Date 09/24/2012 (c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 2012
Firmware Revision = 1.16 Device type = iLO 3 Driver name =
Management Processor configuration is successfully written to file

If you can't connect to ILO from OS:

HPONCFG RILOE-II/iLO setup and configuration utility
Version 4.0.1
Date 09/24/2012 (c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 2012

ERROR: Unable to establish communication with iLO/RILOE-II.

Try to restart hp-snmp-agents and usually it will resolve the problem.

/etc/init.d/hp-snmp-agents stop
/etc/init.d/hp-snmp-agents start

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